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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

New week, New Stories!

Sorry it has taken me so long to get Bradley's letter up this week. Things have been a little crazy! Anyway, here's his letter for the week.... (with pictures to follow of course.)

Hey Family!!!!!!
Wow!!!! what a week!!!! i dont even know where to begin!!!! this week has been soo amazing!! i guess ill start back at monday
So monday when we went out proselyting we went and held family home evening with some members in our ward. it was kindof a last minute thing but they made dinner for us and it was a really awesome night!!
Tuesday was really good and it was cool for me because i led almost all of the discussions and lessons that we had and they were all really sweet!!! the spirit was way strong and it was so encouraging to me to be able to be doing better in my teaching!!!
Wednesday went great!! we had a lot of lessons and it also rained a ton!!! rainy season has officially begun out here it has rained everyday this week and it has made it hard to make it to all of our lessons but we are doing our best and have done pretty good considering all of it.
Thursday and Friday were also basically the same, just hard working days and meeting with a bunch of people!!!! on thursday we met this guy on the street and he asked us to come teach him the next day. we came and the lesson went great!! he told us that he has had a way hard life his parents died when he was 12 then he lived with an old man for 5 years until the old man died. he is now 22 and has been on his own ever since. he has never really gone to church or knew much about Heavenly Father or Jesus Christ. I asked him how he would feel if i told him he could see his parents again one day and he was so happy that he almost started crying. the spirit was so powerful and it was a great lesson and afterwards he asked us if one day he could be a missionary like us!! it was so sweet, we told him if he worked hard and listened to what we taught that he could make it and he told us that he would!!
Saturday came around and we had a great day!! we taught a bunch of lessons and they were all great!! halfway through the day it was raining and the only place for us to get out of the rain was in a bar. it was raining super hard so elder moleme took a video of it and while he was doing it a drunk guy thought he was taking a picture of him and was angry and he took elder molemes camera and almost threw it on the ground but we stopped him and got it back and calmed him down but it was super funny!!!! then that evening our district leader came and interviewed the 14 year old girl for her baptism on sunday and she passed and did great!!!!
Ok Now for Sunday!!! So sunday was a super busy day and was by far the best day this week!! we woke up and got ready for the day and then went and picked up that kid we met thursday for church. then we got back just in time for church to start. church went awesome!!! so if you remember that old woman sister Paulina, she finally came to church!!!!!!! sunday was her 60th birthday and she wanted to start coming on that day so she came and it was great!!!!!! all of our investigators came this week and it is the first time that has happened since ive been here. after church we had a baptism!!!! it was for a 14 year old girl named abigail. She is so awesome and i was the one who got to baptize her. again our font was leaking so we had to do another sitting baptism. we are getting someone to come from headquarters to fix it this week. after church it started raining an rained for 4 hours!!!!! we finally got to leave the apartment at 5:15, the branch presidents wife called and told us to come and eat dinner with them and so we ran down there and ate with them. then at 6 Sister paulina called us and told us since it was her birthday she wanted us to celebrate with her and her family. they came and picked us up and took us to a way nice resteraunt that reminds me of a nice one back home and it was way sweet!!! they bought us this curry chicken with french fries and it was the best thing ive eatin since i got here!! then they pulled out this huge tub of ice cream and made us eat the whole thing!!!! it was soo good but we were soo full!! earlier this week since it was her bday on sunday we took some pics with her and i made a frame for them out of a cardboard box and athletic tape and it was sweet. she treats us like her kids now hahaha she is so awesome!!
Today has been great!! we came to takoradi today for a combined pday and we all played basketball and football and had a blast!! we then went out for lunch and now are all emailing. were kinda all stranded at this internet cafe because there is so much rain that there is 3 foot deep river outside the door and its making it so people cant leave, and most of the roads are flooded too so i hope i get back to the apartment before late but i doubt it. it sounds like everyone is doing great back home!!!! make sure to be having fun as always!!!
I love you guys!!!
Love Elder McGuire

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