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Monday, May 27, 2013

Tons of PICTURES!!!!!

The traveling man sent tons of pictures!!!! YAY!!!!

Me and Elder Moleme were so happy to get real ice cream!!!

I miss pizza so much!!! This was SSOOOO good!!! me and elder dalton

I was so happy to see the ocean in Axim while I was on splits friday with elder cardon.

This was way sweet! A palm tree hanging out about 10 feet
 above the water!! We had to try it out but it was also
 scary! We didn't want to fall in! Hahaha!

While we were in Axim, we taught a lesson right here.
This was our view. It was so sweet! Can't wait till I'm in
 an area on the coast!!!

Okay. This is just before the baptism. This young man's
 name is Prince. He is 26 and he is awesome!
 I know he does't look happy but after we
 took the pictures he was all smiles!


This was how we had to do the baptism since
 there was low water. It was still great!!!!
They are sending someone this week to come work on the font.

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