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Monday, May 20, 2013

Big Post This Week!

Hey Family!!! Elder McGuire sent us a HUGE email this week! And (my favorite part) he also sent 9 PICTURES!!!! I can hardly believe it! I am the happiest little sister EVER! Enjoy!

Dear family,
Wow another week has come and gone!! the time seems to be flying by! it felt like just yesterday i was talking to you guys on the phone!!! okay so i guess ill start with tuesday. On tuesday we went to takoradi for combined district meeting it was really good and we learned alot about how we should try to find more people to teach, also tuesday we taught a couple good lessons.
Wednesday was a regular working day it was great and we got to meet with all the people that we needed to see. then that evening we had Midweek. elder moleme taught and we discussed about how often we are called to do things in this life that we dont understand or dont necessarily want to do but the lord has a plan for us and we will learn and grow from the experience.
thursday was a good day but a hard day we have been teaching this young girl who is 14 and reminds me alot of kaitlin. we have been teaching her in the evenings and the last couple nights we have been able to tell that something wasnt right with the father. we asked him about it and he told us that he didnt like that we came over so often in the evening to teach her and he was worried what people would think if we kept coming so much. it was soo frustrating. he told us we could only meet with her on saturdays and sundays now. thankfully she is going to be baptized on the 26th this coming sunday so that is going to make things a lot easier for us.
Friday was also a good working day and we decided to get a little adventurous and explore some parts of town that we have never been before and it was really cool and we found some nice people.
Saturday was a really busy day we had something planned for every hour of the day whether it was a lesson or a visit or something but we were going to be busy!! then we remembered that president Bybee the 2nd counselor in the mission presidency would be coming to our apartment to do a cleaning inspection. so we had to cancel a lot of things and fix things up and then wait for him for a while. it was good to see them though because they are almost like the parents of this side of the mission and they are way awesome and we got to talk to them alot which was. good. we spoke mainly with president about setting up a unit in one of the areas of tarkwa called layout. its alot of work but we are going to get it done. a unit is where members meet everyweek in their home for sunday school and that is their church for a while. we are setting it up so eventually they can be authorized to administer the sacrament and then when enough people attend there it can become its own branch. One reason we are doing this is a lot of missionaries are coming in july and president wants to send more missionaries to us!!! so we are working as hard as we can to get this unit going.
Sunday was just AWESOME church was great and we heard some awesome talks about family and about marriage in the temple. then i had to teach gospel principles one of our investigators goes to this class so i taught one of the missionary lessons and he understood it great and he really is enjoying church a lot now. his name is prince. he is so awesome we met him the 3rd day that i was here and now he is going to be baptized on this coming sunday and i am going to baptize him!!! and it was so awesome because after church he told me about how when we first met him that he didnt want anything to do with us but he was being polite and listening anyway then after a couple lessons he decided to pray about what we had been teaching him and when he did he felt the spirit so strongly. Ever since then he has been on fire and has born testimony to me on many occasions and he is so powerful!!! he has also become one of my best friends here. this is what missionary work is all about!!! i really hope i get to meet more people like him!!
As far as food went this week i was sooo happy. i had watermelon and a ton of fruit!! i also found frosted flakes and pringles and a twix at a store in takoradi so i was super happy. they were all expensive though so they will have to be treats for me for the next while. mom could you send me some recipies??? hahaha i had an idea of which ones but now i cant remember so anything you think i would like please send some:)

anyway thats me for the week i hope all is well with you guys at home!!!!
I love you!!!!
Love, Elder McGuire

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