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Monday, May 6, 2013

Things are Looking Up!

Here's the next email family!!!! :D Bradley said that the computers weren't working as great so he couldn't send any pictures this week, but expect lots next week!!!!!

Dear family!!!!
Oh my gosh i love hearing from home so much!!!!! It helps in ways that you cant imagine!!!!!!! Ok so i guess i will start with tuesday since i emailed you monday. So tuesday was just a normal day of work we taught and worked hard and we are getting a pool of people that we contacted that could be potential investigators so we are hoping that something comes of it.
When we filled the font on sunday last week it ran out all of our water and it finally came back late wednesday night. Another interesting thing happened too. We came back after proselyting tuesday and found a notice on our electricity meter that our power had been shut off because of an illegal connection we had. It was a hassle and took 3 days but we have power again. I have learned in the last week i would much rather be without power than without water. Without power you can still function, without water nothing is really possible, but we can make it through anything with the help of the lord.
Wednesday was also just a normal work day we have been really working hard unfortunately alot of our appointments fall through so we just end up doing contacting and finding which is fine but teach real lessons is so much better!!! Every Wednesday night they do something here called midweek. its where the members come (not usually very many) and just have a lesson on anything in the church really. we got there just as they were beginning singing and i was informed that i would be teaching. thankfully i had been reading an old liahona from general conference in 2009 we went over a talk by President Uchtdorf called "of regrets, Of resolutions" i loved it!!!! The talk is about enjoying the journey of the experience of life rather than looking to the end. it has helped a ton in thinking about my mission seeing that i barely have a month under my belt. I recommend that you look it up!!!!
********Here's a link to that talk he mentioned!!!  Of Regrets and Resolutions ************
So thursday was cool because we had a combined district meeting with our zone. We all met in Takoradi which is a city about an hour and a half tro ride away from tarkwa and its a really big city. It was fun to see other elders in the zone and some of my buddies from the mtc. So thursday we came for combined district meeting and we also had interviews with president shulz our mission president. It was cool because he talked to me and my companion about working as hard as we can to baptize in tarkwa because he said if we can get a unit established in one of the suburbs he would send more missionaries out to us. So we are really working as hard as we can to find those perfect people to teach, and thankfully with the help of the members we are beginning to find more and more.
Friday and Saturday were also good hard working days. I am beginning to pick up on Fante and Tree and can say a few things. Teaching the lessons has also gotten infinitely better; I am learning the scriptures very well so I can answer alot of questions on my own. Sundays are really hard for us because we will have church which is great but when we arent teaching everybody speaks in Fante and its hard for us to get much out of it but we are working hard to learn more. And also since Tarkwa is huge on gold mining everybody works on sundays and those who dont work go to church and funerals and those who dont do that stay inside their houses. We make alot of visits to members who couldnt make it to church for whatever reason and usually that fills our time.
Today has been awesome!!! We are having what is called a combined P-day! Any missionaries in any of the surrounding areas come to Takoradi and we all played basketball and football(soccer) and go out and eat and its a blast.  Also once a month we get our money for food and travel and stuff we call it (subs) and for whatever reason when I first got here, me and the other missionaries couldnt get all the money we are allowed so we've really been trying to not spend money on anything, and just becoming creative with what we eat, but today we got the normal amount of money plus the amount that we didnt get last time so we are great now. The work here is so amazing and even though its hard to live and work it really is awesome. I know from past emails it seems like I am having a hard time. and I really am but I am loving every minute of it!!! I couldnt ask for anything less or anything more right now. I love all of you and it sounds like life is great at home. Everyone keep going strong and do all you can to help the work move forward!!
I love you!!!
Love, Elder McGuire

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