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Monday, May 27, 2013


Bradley's had a busy week, just like us! He's done some traveling! Here's his letter! :)
Dear family!!!
It sounds like everyone is doing great back home!!! i totally forgot that today is memorial day!!!!! i hope you told grandpa bradley and stephen hi for me although i do that often myself anyway. the week for me has been great!!!!!! on monday night after we emailed we went to a part member family's home and the wife is cuban so she made us this amazing cuban food!!!! it was the closest thing i have had to food from back home ever since i have been here which is pathetic but it was amazing!!! then for desert she gave us real strawberry ice cream with sprinkles on it!!!!! i was so happy i almost started crying hahaha.
Tuesday was district meeting in nkroful and we had alot of fun together and also learned a lot. we then came home tuesday evening and taught a few good lessons. it was a pretty typical tuesday
Wednesday was way sweet because i went on splits with the zone leaders. i went with elder dalton who is a sweet guy from moab utah. he has about 4 months left on his mission and is getting transferred wednesday. anyway i went on splits with him in takoradi which is the huge city where our zone starts. it was awesome to learn things from him about teaching and see how far i have to go. wednesday night we were hungry so he took me and 2 other elders and we went and got PIZZA!!! yes real pizza!!!! i was soooo happy it wasnt exactly like american pizza but it was really close and really really good!!!!!
Thursday i came back to tarkwa and elder moleme and i went and met with our baptismal candidates and made sure that they were ready for their interviews and they totally were. well one of them was the other one was out of town but we called her and went over the stuff on the phone with her.
Friday our district leader came out to tarkwa to interview our baptismal candidates so i went to nkroful where he is from and got to do splits with elder cardon again and it was sweet. they have an area about 40 minutes away from nkroful called Axim which is a town on the coast!!! it was the first time i had seen the ocean since i got here!!! i was soo happy and we even taught a sweet lesson right on the beach!!! i really just couldnt believe my eyes while it was happening cause it was so awesome!
Saturday i came back to tarkwa and my comp told me that one of our baptismal candidates didnt show for her interview. it was the 14 year old girl she had traveled with her mother to their village pretty far away so she missed the interview. that was sad but the interview with the young man Prince went awesome! for the rest of saturday we taught some good lessons and just did work and it was great.
Sunday was INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!!! we had our first baptism since i got here!!!! it was great and i was the one who did the baptizing!!! it was very special for me because i have really connected with this young man ever since we met him the week i got here. he was so solid. one thing that was bothersome was the fact that our font is still broken and leaks but we had enough water and we were authorized to do the baptism sitting down. i didnt love that part but his sins were still washed away so i was as happy as could be. afterwards when we were changing he told me that he really enjoyed it and that he felt so clean and was happy that he had met us. i connected with him so much that i gave him an extra quad of scriptures that i had brought with me. they were actually ones you and dad gave me after my baptism. i told him how special they were and wrote my testimony in them and he was so happy for them because he has really wanted one ever since we began teaching him. so basically this week has been the best yet!!!!! i cant wait to help bring more souls unto Christ and to help them see the light!!!!
So that was the week for me!!! i hope you guys are doing good!!! i love you all!!!!
Love, Elder Bradley McGuire

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