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Monday, May 20, 2013

Big Post (Continued...)

Here are the beloved pictures! He even sent captions this week, so we actually know what they are pictures of! haha!

I found a twix here!!!!!! it was good but it wasnt american made so it didnt quite taste the same but it was still great!!!! i also got famous amos cookies and frosted flakes!!!!!:D

This is the layout of the area that were trying to get a unit going in

okay this is what fufu looks like this is fufu with palm nut soup, goat skin and hard boiled egg, it was actually really good i can eat fufu just fine now:) still prefer rice a ton more though hahaha

hahaha okay this is a funny story we were getting out of a taxi and i was first so i was getting out and my feet were stuck so i grabbed onto the top of the door and lifted myself out. but all these taxis are old and rusty so the door broke a little and it shattered the window and glass went everywhere!!!!! i felt bad and said sorry a ton but in the end the taxi driver just drove off and didnt say anything so this was what was left of the window!!!

this is our church building/apartment its pretty nice when the power is on but it hasnt been for the last few days and it has been hot!!!! its okay though. so this is home for me right now. the apartment is the bottom left.

So this is raymond he is a guy we have been teaching ever since i got here, and my comp was teaching him for like 2 months before that. He struggles but is a way awesome guy. He loved hearing me play my guitar, especially dream big! Everyone loves that song out here.

Ok this old woman is so awesome we are teaching her. she was batized 15 years ago in ivory coast but between her bap and confirmation her mother died so she moved back to ghana and the church wasnt here in tarkwa yet so she stopped going to church. she calls me elder MAGOORIE and its hilarious but i love her to death!! she had a problem with tea when it came to the word of wisdom but she stopped after we taught her about it and hasnt had it since so she rocks!!

So, this is a scarab beetle.

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