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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Crazy Week On Two Different Continents

Hey Everyone! This is Elder McGuire's letter to us from this past Tuesday (the 18th). I'm sorry it has taken so long to get this one up (I have been at Youth Conference all week). Here's the letter, Enjoy!
Oh, and I'm still working on getttingthe pictures to work, so I'll see if I can get them up this time.

Dear Family!!!
Wow! it sounds like so much is going on back home!! a new furnace??? a new roof??? a new grill?? what next??? tell me youre going to re-model the basement bathroom:) hahaha it all sounds great!!!! thats so awesome that jason finally got out! he is going to enjoy!!
As far as this week goes it was great!!! so last monday night instead of going back to tarkwa we stayed the night in takoradi because the next day was combined district meeting. so we had fun staying at the apartment here with all the elders. its nice to be able to talk to and have fun with them.
Tuesday we had a good district meeting and then headed home for tarkwa. because we went to the cocoa factory last week we didnt have time to wash or shop so we came back and did those things and still had time for a nice lesson by the end of the night.
Wednesday we were back to work out teaching again. this week we worked alot with our recent converts and also with the 2 candidates for baptism upcoming next week. in all the lessons we spoke about some gospel principle related to family. in one of our lessons we even took all our pictures from home and showed them to everyone!!! so i have missed you guys this week a little more than normal but its all been great. i appreciate all of you so much!!! thank you for all that you have done for me so that i could be here today. this really is the best thing that i have ever done!!!
Thursday was great because we got one of our members to come out proselyting with us. we always get so much more done when the members are helping us out. we were able to teach a bunch of new people and its good because when we teach with members the people can see just how normal we really are. Thursday night we were walking back and some people stopped us and asked us all of these questions about the church. they had all heard a bunch of rumors about us and it was sad to see some of peoples perceptions about the church. some of them made me kindof mad too but we did our best to help them understand the truth about the church.
Friday was also good because again we had a member with us and we had a lesson for almost every hour in the day. it was sweet!!! now given almost every one of them fell through we still managed to teach a lot and to meet some good people on the street. that night the member that was with us took us out to dinner and it was awesome!! they have this soda here called Alvaro that is awesome!!! if you can find it in america you should try it! so we had fun with that.
Saturday was a slow day because all of our members were in takoradi for leadership training and a lot of our investigators were out of town as well. luckily tarkwa is a big place so we went and explored some new areas we didnt know very well and did contacting. we also did get to teach 1 of our investigators who is a 12 year old boy named Parden. we've taught him a lot but we have hit a brick wall with him. his parents arent sure that they want him to read the book of mormon so teaching has come to a stand still but we are still doing our best to work with him. so saturday instead of teaching a lesson with him we played ping pong and a board game with him and just strengthened our friendship with him. it was great and we were able to talk to some of his friends about the church too.
Sunday was the best day this week!!!!!!! we woke up and got ready for church and prep. our lessons and were ready for church to start. the mission couple assigned to our area showed up!!! he is also president shulz's Counselor. so President and sister Bybee came. and guess what they brought me?!?!?!........I got the package!!!!!!!!!!!!! along with 4 other letters!!!!!!! they showed them to me just as we were starting church so i couldnt open them till later!! but it was okay. church went great!! and You remember prince??? man he is so powerful and me and him are like best friends. he has also made great friends with another guy in the branch and he is loving it!! AND he is going to be the 1st counselor in the new young mens presidency too!!!! im so happy its indescribable!!!! this guy is awesome!!!! so after church we went to a few members homes for meals and also got to teach a great lesson. then finally we came home and i got to open the letters and the package!!!! thankyou so much!!! the sauces and the mixes will be awesome!! and also the candy is sweet!!!! thank you so much!!!! hahaha
Ok so monday was p-day we did our washing and shopping and had some people from cape coast come out and look at the font to see if they can fix it. we went to email and some one in the night had come and dug up the internet cables for the town out of the ground and stole them!! so there was no internet in tarkwa!!! thankfully today we had zone conference in takoradi so that is why im emailing on tuesday. this week has been great!! i hope everyone has a great time at Journey!! and i hope mom and the boys have a relaxing time at home!!!! i love you all!! have a great week!!
Love, Elder Bradley McGuire
P.S. no mom i havent had any sickness and the mosquitos arent any problem its all good!!

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