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Monday, April 22, 2013

The Frying Pan to the Fire

This is Bradley's first week in the field! He left the MTC on Tuesday, marking his 12th day on his mission! It's crazy how they moved him through so fast. Here's his last letter to us, and we will have pictures soon to follow! :) Love, Me

Dear Family!!!!!

Holy cow this place is crazy!!!!!! so much has happened this last week!!!!!!!! so first off i am in a place called tarkwa!! me and my companion are the furthest missionaries from the mission home right now!!!(about 5 hours drive) my trainer is from south africa his name is elder Moleme and he is hilarious!!! he is about 5 foot 6 and is skinnier than all get out but he is awesome!!!!

And holy cow!! i thought the culture shock was bad in the mtc!! its way worse out here but its awesome. and guess what?!!? i am learning 2 languages right now most the people here in tarkwa speak either fanti or tree and not many speak english so its been crazy sitting in lessons not really know what was going on because i couldnt understand the people. but i am studying and its coming along. Our apartment is in the basement of the church building. this area was only opened 5 months ago so the branch here is only 5 months old!! my trainer was one of the elders who opened it!!! while they were opening the area my trainer was being trained by his comp so my comp has only been out 5 months almost 6 but he is awesome. he cant quite speak all of the languages but he can say enough. the work here is awesome!!!!

We have already taught a ton of lessons!! and i am doing pretty well at getting all the points and everything. we found a guy on friday taught him the first lesson, then saturday we taught him again, then sunday he came to church and we have already set a baptismal date for him in may!!!!! elder moleme and his previous companion were teaching a few people before i got here so we are baptizing them this sunday!! and im gonna be doing 1 or 2 of them!!! this is so crazy!!!!! we are working hard to find people because we dont have very many to teach but we have faith that we will find those that the lord has prepared. so the branch that is here is very small and they have me already teaching gospel principles class to the adults of the branch. i cant say it enough it is so awesome here!!

I am still getting used to the food here but it is beginning to be good. like we said we dont often eat a members houses so we cook all of our food ourselves at the apartment. when we left the mtc they gave us these special filtration waterbottles that we carry everywhere with us so that is how we get pure water while we are tracting. at all of the apartments here in the mission they have been equiped with a filtration system so we can have clean water. my health is great i have had no physical problems what soever besides the sunburn i got earlier today.

IT IS HOT HERE!!!! oh my gosh i didnt know it could get this hot but somehow it does, i have adjusted to it though and things are getting way better. I have loved hearing from all of you it helps so much you wouldnt believe it!!!!!! its funny here because not many of the natives have seen a white guy in real life so when i walk by all the little kids yell " Oh BRUNI!!!!" it means "hey white man!!!!!!" its so funny!!!

OH we are doing a service project this saturday where we are going to help some friends of one of the members build a mud house!!! i am so excited!!!!!! its gonna be a blast Sorry if i didnt answer all the questions but thats all i really have time for. Just know that i am doing great and i am praying for everyone back home and i love all of you!!!!!!!!

Love, Elder McGuire

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