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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

First Letter Home!

Hey Family! Here's Bradley's last email that we got from him! We love getting his emails!

Dear family!!!!
Holy cow!!!! its so crazy here!!!! i cant believe that its only been 4 days!! it feels like its been an eternity!! the first day here was so ridiculously hard!! i was writing in my journal that night literally with sweat dripping off of my nose and it was the coldest i had been all day long. it is soo hot here!! if someone wouldve asked me if i wanted to leave that first night i wouldve done it in a heart beat it was soo hard to adjust to everything!! but now its INCREDIBLE!!!!!! the food is flat out weird they make rice with everything and they have weird spices and just kinda throw everything together into mixtures. and they only give us one plate of food but it is heaping!! its hard to eat all of it, especially because of the new tastes and stuff. but i am starting to like it alot more. My companions name is Elder Quasie!! he is so awesome!!! Dad if you could take elder cabral and make him black he would be my companion. He is so hilarious yet he has an amazing testimony!!! i am so blessed to have such an awesome companion!! ive already taught 3 lessons and ive harldy been here long enough to know everything. but thats the way it is here. we leave next wednesday to the mission!!! im only gonna be here for 12 days!!!! holy cow!!! we were right about the whole return trip thing, it was just to show that we could afford to go home. the culture is so different here!! the elders here come from almost nothing and yet they have everything because they have the gospel in their lives. Alot of the elders only have 2 pairs of pants and a couple of shirts. so they all go wash thier clothes in the sinks right before bed. and the ones that do have like 10 shirts and all the other stuff they still wash them by hand because they would rather do it themselves than have them put it in the laundry baskets for the mtc to wash. Showers here are all cold, but thats amazing because it is so hot all of the time that its the only thing you can stand!! there are swamp coolers in all of the class rooms but nothing in our bedrooms so needless to say sleeping is the hottest part of the day for us. Conference was awesome!! i got to watch both saturday sessions and the sunday morning session and they were great!!! tons of talks about africa!!! i was so happy!!! sorry if i didnt answer all the questions but time is short so i have to go but i love you all and cant wait to here more about home!!
Love, Elder James Bradley Mcguire

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