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Thursday, April 18, 2013

More From the Last week in the MTC... and more about FOOD!

This is a big letter from Bradley, but we LOVE hearing anything from him! Love you Family!
Dear Family,
Ok!!!! so now i can get down to it. i am doing great!!!! the work here is so awesome!! i didnt know that i could change so much in just 12 days!!!!!!! my testimony has been strengthened so much, and all i can say is I KNOW THIS CHURCH IS TRUE!!!!!!!! i love reading the book of mormon and we get to do it every day. we've been practicing teaching a lot and i feel like im getting it but i know i am no where near where i need to be but ill keep trying my best!!
So as for food, everything has rice with it!! its usuall chicken and this red meat sauce and rice!! but theyve started making us these real ghanain dishes lately. they made us this stuff called EBA its like playdough and you get a handful of it and dip it in this fishey spicey oily sauce that is just horrendous and i choked it down but it was horrible and they eat it a lot in my mission.....thank goodness i wont be eating at members houses:) we also had boiled plantain today it was alright its like a banana and a potatoe put together and i think i will get used to those. OH! and the pineapple here is amazing!!!! its sweet like ours but it tastes creamy at the same time so just imagine like a pina colada its way good!!!
There are mosquitos but since its so hot during the day they dont come out but they do at night. thankfully all of the windows and doors here have screens but in the field i will always have a mosquito net over my bed. and for preston they actually speak 4 different dialects in my mission and each dialect is specific to the tribe and i will probably be learning all of them so i kindof am speaking a different language i just wont learn it here in the mtc.
Everything here is going awesome!!! instead of having mice inside the building we have wall gecos, they are these little lizards that run all up and down the walls and there fun to play with. there are also really big lizards that hang around outside, i saw one that was about 2 feet long and im positive i will be seeing bigger ones later.
Adjusting to life here was really hard at first thank goodness there are 8 americans here, we all talk at night about the differences of back home and what is new and weird. it helps to have people to relate to. One elder in particular in my district Elder Cardon has been awesome!! we talk every night and are like best friends and its awesome!! i hope i get to serve with him later in the mission!! tonight my mission president is coming to the mtc!! he is interviewing all of us going to cape coast and telling us all whats going to be happening. then tomorrow at about 6 am were piling into 3 vans and driving about 4 hours to our mission. and i will be with my new comp in my new area by tomorrow night. its so crazy that in less than 2 days i will be teaching real people!!!! i cant wait!!!! im also excited because they say that in my mission the baptism goal is 2 per week and more often than not people exceed that goal!! i am soooo excited!!!! i cant believe that less than 2 weeks ago i was living back with you guys and working all the time, i am so happy to be here and i know this is where i am supposed to be!!! i love you all and when i talk to you next i will be in the field!!! wish me luck!!! i love you!!!
Love, Elder James Bradley McGuire

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