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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Elder's first day

The day that Bradley arrived in Ghana, he sent us this email!
Dear Family
Im here!!!! we all made it in one piece!!! the flight from new york to ghana was super long!!! luckily i took that dramamine and i slept for about 8 hours of the flight off and on so it was way nice!!! when we stepped off the plane it was super hot!!! it hit us all like a wall!!! we made our way through customs and it took a while and we had to hurry through as fast as possible because the longer we stood in one place the more people looked at us and wanted to stop us and ask us questions, a few of the elders had to pay the customs officer 20 bucks just to let them pass, but luckily i escaped with out losing any money there were 2 elders waiting for us near the exit of the small airport. i was the first to make it out so they pulled me aside to wait for the others. once we all got to the exit the elders gave us like 50 joseph smith pamphlets. they did this because when we walked out to the van tons of people just swarmed us trying to "help" us with our luggage but all they were looking for was money so to get them to leave us alone we handed them pamphlets instead. they only had 1 big van for us and there ended up being 14 of us 2 of which were sisters from africa and 3 elders from africa. needless to say we couldnt fit all of our luggage in the van so one of the elders who came with us stayed at the airport with our luggage while they sent another van out to get him. the drive was about 45 minutes to the mtc and it was crazy!!! the only way i can describe it is that its exactly like the beginning of cool runnings when he runs down the busy street and its packed and people are carrying stuff on their heads. anyway i gotta go!!! sorry but its dinner time and im getting kicked off but im here safe and i love all of you!!!
love elder mcguire!!!

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