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Monday, April 29, 2013

Baptisms, Mud Huts, and (of course) Food

Hello Family and Friends! It's monday again, and Eder McGuire sent us another update! Enjoy!

Dear Family!!!!
Oh my gosh!!!! so much has happened this last week that its insane!!!!!! so i guess ill start with tuesday, so tuesday is district meeting and we have to take a tro ride about an hour and a half down a dirt road that makes the road to mantua look like a golden highway. so we went to a town called Nkroful and that is where the other 4 elders in our district are including elder cardon! it was way fun to see him and the other elders and discuss how the work has been going, we then went out to lunch together and got fufu, i was liking it alot more and ate it just fine.
We then came home and taught and taught and taught some more for the next 3 days on friday the district leader had to come out to tarkwa to interview the 2 baptismal candidates we had so we did splits and i went to Nkroful for the day and was companion to elder cardon which was sooo awesome!!! the area that they are in is a little village and its way small so its hard to find new people for them but we did great. then saturday morning i came back to tarkwa and found out that 1 of the baptismal candidates failed his interview!! it stunk!! so we only were going to have 1 for sunday.
Then saturday afternoon we went to go help build this mud house but they hadnt started yet when we got there they had made us both a huge bowl of fufu so we sat and ate for about an hour. the only problem was i didnt plan on eating there so just before i had eaten a huge bowl of spaghetti that i had made. And it is super rude if you dont finish your food here!! luckily i realized my green water bottle was empty and me and elder moleme were alone in the room so i put about 3/4s of it into my bottle and pretended like i had eaten it all and i finished the rest of the food and it i was saved!!! we then got to where they were going to build the house but all they were doing was moving dirt for the foundation so we grabbed shovels and started digging while all these little kids would move it from one place to another it was way fun!!! then just before we left they picked some fresh coconuts from the trees and cut them open so we could drink the milk, it was soo sweet and good it was awesome!!
Then we came home and had coordination meeting with the ward mission leader. sunday was a hard day. We have a problem with our baptismal font, it leaks even when we plug up the drain and stuff. i think there is a problem with the foundation of it or something. and the other problem is our water tank that the city fills for us isnt big enough to fill it completely so we have been trying to keep it filled for the last 3 days and it just kept leaking and leaking. and when we fill it our apartment gets no water at all so weve had to buy water for a while now. then heres the really frustrating part the baptismal candidate didnt show up for church, so in the second hour me and 2 priests went to go get him. he was asleep, but we said we would wait for him while he changed, he told us he wanted to take a bath first but he would be to church in time for the baptism so we left and went back to church. WE waited and waited and waited and he never came!!!!!!! it was so dumb!! but i guess he wasnt ready if he didnt realize how important it was.
Then after that my companion planned 2 meals in a row for us at members houses!!!! the first was awesome!! we had rice and eggs with this meat sauce and it was delicious!! i was stuffed and we had another meal to go!! at the next meal the family made us the biggest ball of fufu i have ever seen for each of us!! i didnt think i would be able to eat it!!! it was way hard, i forgot my water bottle so i couldnt cheat again. so i ate and ate and worked on it for about an hour having to reswallow stuff a couple of times. i was finally to the last bite and the second it entered my mouth it all came back up!!! it was horrible luckily no one was in the room. and since this food is messy they give us a big bowl of water to wash our hands with so we cleaned it all up really fast and just made it look like my hands had been really dirty. once again i escaped this time much more painfully but it worked hahahaha. anyway thats my funny story for the week. once again the work is awesome here and we are working hard to teach and to prepare people completely for baptism, we already have 6 people committed for the month of may and i hope some of them will turn out. i hope all is well at home and from what ive heard it seems just awesome!!!! i love you all!!!
Love, Elder McGuire

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