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Monday, March 16, 2015

Spring is Here!!

Dear Family,

Another sweet week here in Apowa!!!! a lot of great things happened
and ill try and get em all in.

So first things first we had Elder Dube of the Seventy came to our
mission for a mission tour so on wednesday all of the missionaries in
western region all came together to be instructed by him. He talked
about a lot of things but the biggest thing he emphasized on was
working with the members. He spoke about how if we want the work to
accelerate the way its supposed to then thats how we will do it. so
that was a great opportunity to be instructed by a general authority.

Another great thing that is going on is our work with Redeemer. This
week we have been reading the book of mormon with him and he is loving
it so much!! his testimony is growing so strong and we pray he acts on
it. Also personally i have been studying the Book of Mormon and it has
been so amazing!!! i love it so much!!! I recently read Chapter 26 of
Alma and it is where Ammon and the sons of Mosiah are gathered
together just talking among themselves as they are preparing to return
to Zarahemla. It made the idea of going home very real to me all of
the sudden. I know i havent been as successful as those missionaries
but i do feel good about the service that i have been able to give. my
only wish was that i might have improved faster but im taking it in
stride and doing my best to become the person Heavenly Father wants me
to be.

We also were able to extend a baptismal date to a new investigator
named Justice this week. He has come to church twice and has decided
that he wants to join. hahaha we told him we had to take some time and
explain some more things to him before he would be read but he is
excited and working towards his date in April.

Everything else is just normal and amazing like missionary work is! im
loving every second of it and doing my best to enjoy every last
minute! i love you all!!

Elder McGuire

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