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Monday, March 23, 2015

Highs and Lows!! But still a great week!!!!

Dear Family,

This week was....all over the place!!! ill get the highs and the lows.

we'll start with the lows. hahaha so on monday evening our bishop
called us and told us his wife had made fufu for us!!! we were so
stoked!!!( that was a high) so we came and ate and ate and ate till we
couldnt eat anymore. around 2am that night my companion and i both
started....running;) hahaha on and off the whole night into the
morning and throught the day. im sure i lost 15 pounds in one day!!!!
we had some nice food poisoning. but dont worry by night time it was
gone and we were back to normal. hahaha we have been a little leery of
food offered to us by members since then. but we are fine and good
now. the big bummer was that zone conference was on tuesday so every
5 minutes while president stevenson, the assistants, and the zone
leaders were instructing we were in and out. eventually we started
just sitting next to the door so we wouldnt disturb anything as we
moved. so that was our big adventure this week. the little of zone
conference we did hear was great though!!!

As for our proselyting this week some days everything fell through.
and other days things went exactly as planned. just wish it was more
consistently going as planned.

The other big thing this week was our Stake Conference. Takoradi!! it
was great!! our stake is huge!!! we have 2 zones of missionaries in
this 1 stake and it made it up to be quite the gathering. At the stake
center we filled every classroom hallway and then even sat outside
near the windows to hear the speakers all of the missionaries stood
around the edge so people would have places to sit. hahaha we felt
like ushers or something it was great though. we had some
investigators come and they said that the really enjoyed. it.

Things are so sweet here and im just doing my best to enjoy every
minute of it!! i hope you guys have a great week and ill see you all
soon!!! i love you!!

Elder McGuire

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