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Monday, March 9, 2015

A Week of Surprises!

Dear Family,

My week has been great and it sounds like you guys had a good one too.
my week was up down and all around so here it goes!!

This week another week of surprises for us here in Apowa, Alex
(recent convert), is struggling with his activity right now, he is
under a financial bind of sorts and so he often misses church to work
and make money. he has been coming though and is scheduled to give a
talk this coming Sunday. His Wife Hannah has another story entirely.
For her she had a visit from her mother a few weeks ago and her mother
is avid Roman Catholic and when she returned to find her daughter had
joined another church she was not happy at all. She told Hannah she
had to go to Roman Catholic, to add to it many people in her compound
have been gossiping a lot about the church and all this pressure and
tension finally came out on us this week. We went to visit her to
check on her as usual and this time as we entered the compound she
just came over and told us that we should never come back and that we
had deceived her and a whole lot of other things that werent nice to
hear. This is the first time something like this has ever happened to
me so it was quite a shock. I've never had a recent convert lash out
like that. It didnt feel good. Its sad that she has been confused by
things that others have been saying. My companion and i have asked
ourselves multiple times over the last few days if it was our fault?
we taught her as best as we knew how, as we taught we could feel the
spirit, she showed the desire by coming to church, she read the Book
of Mormon with her husband and she would pray about it regularly. she
would always say she knew it was true but all of the sudden its
different now. Its been a blow to both of us but we are doing our best
to overcome this and do whatever we can as guided by the spirit in
helping her to come back.

On a much more positive note our convert that was baptized last sunday
was Confirmed this week and it was great. She had her Grandfather
perform the ordinance and she was all smiles afterwards. Ruth is a
sweet spirit and she loves doing missionary work as well. she asks for
Pamphlets every week and gives them out to her friends.

Also this week it was once again super hot!!! just like mom said im
melting out here!!! but its helping my tan;) im gonna look like a
ghanaian farm boy when i get home hahaha! Sunday really was the best
day of the week this week. we had 4 investigators come to church and
they are all awesome! people are starting to progress now and its
sweet!!! this work is so awesome and i am loving every second of it!!!

i hope things keep going well at home!!! have a great week!! love you!!

Elder McGuire

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