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Monday, February 2, 2015

It's February!!! With Pictures!!!!!!

Dear Family,

Im so happy to hear about how good you are all doing!! i cant believe its February!!! it get scarier every week at thow fast time is moving. It just seems to be picking up speed with every week. This week was another good one though and ill see if i can hit the highlights.

we have a young man named robert that we have been teaching for a while now and he is great. This week he even came with us to teach people. On satufday he was baptized and sunday confirmed a member of the church and it was so awesome. He asked me to baptize him which just put a cherry on top of the whole thing, i havent had the opportunity in a a while to perform the ordinance so when he asked i was happy to do so. I am aamazed at just how much the gospel can change peoples lives!!! im so lucky to be sharing with wtih others here in Ghana.

There is another woman named Rosemond that we have been teaching foa whaile as well. Her story is a lil different though. She is young, smart and keeps almos all of her committments. She reads the Book of Mormon, She has prayed about it and she knwos its true too. But she just cant seem to come to church. When we asked her what her problem was she just told us that what we teach is nice but joining a church just isnt what she is focused on right now. She said ill come "one day, one day" (ghanas favorite response to an invite to church) we wish we could have seen it earlier,so now we are moving on to bigger and better things.

Friday we had interviews with president Stevensn and they were great. To be honest mine wasnt all that long.hahaha ithinks its because if he knows im hapy and doing my best then its all good. and it its! While we were being interviewd we were instructed by 2 district leaders,the assistants, and Sister Stevenson. All were great and i enjoyed them all. I also got to see some old friends from mission which was great too.

this week i started exercising seriously with another elder in my apartment who was a football/track/swim star at home. lets just say ive been walkinga  bit slower these days! haha im so sore! i dont remember it being this hard! its okay though and im getting back intto the sweing of things.

Living in an apartment of 6 missionaries is much different than 2 and 4 man apartments. More drama for shure, but also more fun. We have had some adventures this week, The other night our shower fossit broke off the wall and was leaking bad. Everyone had all these extravagent ideas that we should shut off our water andjust fetch water till we got it fixed. That seemed like too much work for me so i just carveda  cork out of wood and stopped the leak. it was funny because to some of the elders it just seemed too simple. but it worked! sometimes in life...well most of the time in life i feel like the simplest answer is the best!

so those are the highlights this week i hope you are all happy and continue to stay that way! i love you!!

Elder James Bradley McGuire

Awesome African Sunset!!!!!!

Robert's Baptism!!

My "Ground Hog Feast" 

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