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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Another Great Week!!

Dear Family,

What a great week!!! it was just like last week!!! wouldnt ya know
it!!! hahaha i guess it wasnt all the same but all in all it was
good!!! Right now we have been working really closely with a young
girl named ruth she is 12 and has been coming to church for 3 years
with her grandparents but never was baptized. her parents relinquished
custody to the grandparents so they are the ones raising her now. she
is such a smart girl and should have been baptized a long time ago so
she is going to be baptized this coming sunday after church so we are
preparing for that.

this week we watched the Joseph Smith movie with Redeemer and he
absolutlely loved it! he loves the church history. We are having a
great time teaching him but he is struggling with coming to church. he
is very deep into his faith and really loves his church but luckily
the truth helps people leave those things behind so we are praying for
him especially as he reads The Book of Mormon and prays about it.

We also started working with a new Family this week. we were on our
way to an activity at the church when we passed by this man and his
children i greeted him in the local language and he responded and then
asked who we were. we continued to converse in fante for a little
while then i ran out of fante so i started speaking english and he did
too. he was so happy that we could speak the language he asked about
the church and invited us to come and teach him. So we've met with him
a few times now and he is progressing we hope by next sunday he can
come to church with his wife and 3 children. i love families!!!

This week we had a great devotional in our branch. a member of the the
stake came and gave training on a program called MY PATH its a church
program that teaches people how to become self reliant which is a
challenge for a ton of people over here. we had a lot of our members
come so it was a great success. they are now offering courses to help
train our members and they are doing great! the church is so
incredible!!!! i know that its true with all my heart!!!

well thats the big stuff this week!! i hope you all have a great week
i love you!!!!

Elder McGuire

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