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Monday, February 9, 2015

Another Great Week!!

Dear Family!!!

so i just spent 30 minutes writing an email to you and tried to send
it and it went away and so now im writing again!!!

im so excited that little benjamin has arrived safe and sound and that
he is healthy. I cant wait to come and see him soon!!!!

As for the work this week things are going well and i am happy. this
week was actually pretty slow for us and many of our lessons fell
through. so we ended up doing a lot of walking!! but through our
walking we found a lot of great people. 2 in particular are brother
Malone and Redeemer. we went to their house trying to contact a
referral but she wasnt there. Brother Malone and redeemer asked us who
we were and what we were doing so of course we jumped right in there
and explained and left pamphlets for them to read. When were passing
by the next day they called us over and asked us to explain so we
taught them and it was a pretty good lesson. they had understood the
pamphlet and asked great questions. As we continued to meet with them
throughout the week they continued to progress and they are loving the
lessons. the best part is the light is coming into their lives. its my
favorite part of missionary work to see the light coming.

We are also enjoying a nice schedule for our power. currently we are
having power for 12 hours and then none for 24! it makes keeping our
food good interesting so we are buying things we can prepare that we
dont really need to refrigerate

The missionary work is great and my companion and i are having a great
time in the work. i am loving every second of it and i am trying to
learn as much as i can!

im sorry its so short but my time is up i hope you all have a great
week!!! i love you!!!

Elder Mcguire

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