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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Another Awesome week in Abakrampa!

He's still doing great! (Of Course) Elder McGuire's letters make me so excited to get out in the field.

Dear Family,

I dont think you guys have a boring week at home!!! thats good! lifes gotta be exciting and always is! it was the same for me this week. ALL OVER THE PLACE~!~!

Tuesday was DM as usual, i had another elder in the district instruct and he did great! After district meeting we had a lesson with that former investigator i talked about last week bro. Dentu and it was great! he is really interested in learning about everything again but he has one problem. He is too afraid to leave his church! i have found that to be a huge problem with people here! they are afraid of what everyone thinks about them! but we are working on it and hopefully things start moving with him.

Wednesday we did splits again with Different elders. They had 3 baptismal candidates that needed interviewing. I love interviewing investigators for baptism! i love asking them how they gained their testimonies of joseph smith. Sometimes they share profound experiences and other times its just as simple as knowing that its absolutely true. but whatever it is they all have this light in their eyes and its so Amazing to see!

Thursday The Book of Mormon Worked wonders for us once again! we have a new investigator and he needed to hear about it so we just went through everything and he understood it all really well. Even before the end of the lesson he was saying that it was true and that he wanted to be baptized!! i love missionary work!!! We also had interviews for 2 of our investigators so the Zone leaders came. Both of the interviews went great and we were super happy. also that night the power went out and came back on 3 times in less than five minutes and its been off and on ever since! gotta love ghana!!!

Friday was a slow day but it gave us time to visit members and investigators and invite them to the baptism on saturday. We were also inviting everyone we could talk to, to come to church on sunday, we were having branch conference! Saturday was amazing! we woke up in the morning and went with Sis mary one of our investigators to be baptized to her farm.  I love weeding the orange groves!! always smells amazing! i was taking a break and picked a fresh orange and was peeling it with my cutlass and accidentally peeled into my finger! it wasnt to bad but we had to go home and clean it up. But its all good now and its pretty healed up. So we came home and got cleaned up and then went with our 2 investigators and a couple members and we had a baptism! it was great!!!!! everything went according to plan and some amazing ordinances were performed. Elder Adjavon did the baptizing and was really happy as well. We also got transfer news that night and guess what?! im staying. hahaha we knew it. im happy! ive spent the last 6 weeks getting to know the place now its time to do some real good work!.

Sunday was awesome! We had branch conference and it was incredible. Sister Mary, and sister Juliana were both confirmed members of the church and it was a great experience.  President and Sis. Shulz came as you already know and they helped a lot. then they came to our investigators class which we were a lil nervous about but it was all good and we had a great lesson. After church we had some great lessons. We actually got to meet with Mary after church and she just kept telling us how happy she was and how she wanted to invite all of her friends to come and experience the joy that she felt! it was like the icing on the cake to a great week!

You guys have really been moving with all thats been going on! with Krissy moving home, Amelia Graduating, Dad at meetings, the boys going to scouts, kate at fools for jazz and school! how do you keep up? hahaha i know how. you are all just amazing!! i hope you know that and i hope you know that i love you all so much!!!! have a great week!!! i love you!

Love, Bradley

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