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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Never a Dull Moment in Abakrampa!

Well, it's always an adventure in Africa! We are so excited to talk  to Elder McGuire next week!!!!!!!!!

Dear Family,

Everything sounds so great at home!!! im glad you are all happy and having fun! between sprinklers shooting up into the air and toilets tipping over you guys had a ride this week! hahahaha

This week for me was pretty normal but great as ever. 1 awesome thing is that no matter how many times we do the same thing this work never gets old because its soooo special!
Tuesday was a fun day. District meeting was great and we talked about helping people keep commitments. Commitments are so important! If people keep them they progress quickly and learn a lot. Those who dont do not progress and they often are doubting what we say because they have now witness of its truthfulness. The sad thing is when people fail to keep commitments....a part of you wishes you could force them but we all know thats not right...We just care so  much for the people that it hurts when they dont progress. So we all do our best to help as much as we can with out doing it for them. So it was a great meeting and i learned a lot. After we went and got fufu together as usual. normally we each buy 1 cedi of fufu and it is plenty to fill you. Some of us got a lil adventurous though and we got 3 cedis instead! WE all finished but i thought instead of walking my comp would have to roll me the rest of the day on my fufu belly. But we managed to do okay

Wednesday we went on splits again, i needed to interview and investigator in another area so we did splits. The interview went great and the woman had a burning testimony of the book of Mormon during that day we were teaching a lesson to a guy while he butchered and cooked a dog right in front of us! it was so cool! when he started cooking it it smelled sooooo good! we wanted to try some but had to leave before it was ready. Ill try some soon...dont tell Gus!!!

Thrusday was a classic day of planning, studying, praying, teaching, walking, talking and spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ the entire time. We have a lot of great investigators and they are all progressing slowly but steadily. We are praying that they can just keep their commitments and we'll be following up and definitely things will continue to move forward.

Friday morning i woke up startled because i hadnt heard  the alarm. It was pretty bright outside. I was worried we had slept through the alarm! i jumped out of bed to check the time and i got to my watch to see that it was 6:29! haha the alarm went of 30 seconds later....its good to know missionary standard time is engrained in my body! hahaha IT was a great normal day and we are having fun in the work. Ive started reading the Book of Mormon again in my study and i love it! I love that no matter how many times you read it there is always more to learn! i want to learn as much as i can! Saturday was the same as friday and we were nice and busy all day.

Sunday was a lil bit different this week. We got 2 sessions of General Conference on DVD, Sunday morning and Saturday afternoon sessions. so for church we watched conference! it was translated in Fante though so i studied scriptures for a few was nice though and i enjoyed it. I have them all on audio so ive listened to them already. The members REally enjoyed it, During PRes. Uctdorfs talk about grattitude, when he shared the story of the 9 foot long loaf of bread cut into 2 slices a member said " Wow! that guy had enough food to last a life time! he better be happy!!" he didnt really get the concept of what pres. Uctdorf was teaching so we explained it to him later and he understood. But it was just a reminder that people out here dont have much and that we should remember how blessed we are to live where we do. Never take it for Granted!

So obviously it was a great week! hahah i know you  are probably sick of hearing it but i figure its better than a bad one! haha

im super happy to hear that everything went well with krissy at the temple! its soo amazing! and i cant wait to talk to you on sunday!!!!!!!! so i cant remember but i think church is 11 in the morning now??? i was thinking of calling at 7 am at home time i hope that is okay!! so have a great week and ill talk to you on Sunday!!!! i love you all!

Love, Bradley

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