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Monday, April 21, 2014


We got pictures from Elder McGuire and I'm SO HAPPY!!!!!!!! He wrote the captions himself! Enjoy!!!!!!

This is Edward from Nyenasi he was baptized by Elder Bannerman in January

Huge Coconut!!!

Okay this was the baptisms for Bro. Duah (right next to me) and then Sis. Rosemary the short one. She was baptized by her husband also in January.

Me in the well.

Elder Bannerman and I.

The snake we killed! :)

Elijah and Salomey's Baptism...Edward baptized his sons Elijah and Salomey.

Inside the Cape Coast Castle.

Hey Family!!

Wow you guys had an awesome week!!! its hard to believe how fast time is going out here!!! sometimes i have to pinch myself so i can notice and enjoy it even more!!!
This week was really nice out here and we got a lot of work done!!! on tuesday district meeting went well and it was combined with the whole zone so i didnt instruct the Zone leaders did. for proselyting we just took our time and found ourselves doing a lot of unplanned service, from pounding fufu, to carrying water from wells but all in all it was just a sweet day of work.

Wednesday we went on splits with some elders in the district and it was really great. i got to work with a trainer and see how he was doing with everything. his name is Elder Hodges from washington and he is a great missionary, he is doing great at training and he is just a solid missionary. we had a lot of fun and talked a lot.

Thursday i was back in abakrampa and we had a full day of work cut out for us. it was amazing!!! one lesson in particular was incredible! We were teaching a former investigator who had asked us to come and help him understand about the book of mormon. He said whenever he read he couldnt understand. So we came and talked about everything under the sun and above about the book of mormon. about where it came from, the importance of it and how it can help us draw closer to god than anything else in this world. As we testified of the truths we know, the spirit helped us out by testifying to the heart of this good man of it as well. The spirit was so strong he was actually shaking physically. after a big part of talking he was quite for a few minutes and then he said " i know that this book is from god" its true! it is!!! so we will definitely continue working with this man very closely in the future.

Friday was also a great day. When we teach a lot of the time we struggle in the work because a lot of people we meet with arent serious about keeping commitments or they just dont show us their desires or what they are looking for within our teaching. But on friday everyone got serious!!! everyone opened up to us and it was great because we now know how we need to proceed with each of them. also one of our lessons was in village about 20 min walk outside of ABK and the investigator gave us an 8 foot long piece of sugar cane after the lesson!! so we were walking on this dirt road with a huge sugar cane and everytime a car passed people were staring, it was hilarious!

Saturday was a typical day and the work went on. Sunday was amazing! Easter always is. Because it was easter a ton of people came to church and the talks and lessons went great!!!! it was a great time to remember the sacrifice and resurrection of our savior.

Okay im sorry but my time is out! those pictures took a lot of time! i promise i will send more next week!!!! i love you all and i hope you have a great week!!!!

love, Bradley

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