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Monday, January 12, 2015

New Area!!! and he sent PICTURES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dear family,

This week was a great week but a hard one. First things first i got my
Christmas package which was great!! thankyou so much for the things
you sent me they were much needed. hahaha i took out that new shirt
and compared it to my shirts right now and....lets just say my idea of
white was a little different, all my shirts looked yellow compared to
it! so thankyou!!! today i also got a package from Krissy and Shar so
i am a happy boy!! hahaha thank you all so much!!

Saying goodbye to everyone was so difficult, i absolutely love the
people in swedru and i will miss them a ton, so tuesday as full of
saying goodbyes and takin pictures of everyone. We also had a combined
district meeting and Elder Mngoma and i gave an instruction about
sacrifice and it went really well.

Wednesday i was gone by 8 am with the ivies going into cape coast,
while there i ran into some old friends on mission like Elder Keetch,
i was soo happy to see him and he looked great he is a zone leader and
he is headed up to the bush in praso! hahaha but anyway after a few
hours there i was on a tro with a bunch of other missionaries headed
to takoradi. When we arrived my companion was waiting for me and we
went to our apartment. im in a 6 man apartment and its big! i like it
though and the missionaries in it are sweet! Our area is pretty big
and a lot like my last one. The branch i am in is extremely new and
extremely small. There are some powerful members though and it is a
sweet place to work. Our church is small and our sacrament hall is
under a pavilion hahaha its sweet! we are proselyting in 2 areas and 1
of them is on the beach!!!:D i was so happy when i found out! ive
never proselyted in an area near the beach so i am happy about that
too. There are a lot of great investigators we are working with and we
are having some baptisms this weekend too.

Thursday friday saturday and sunday were all the same, work, work,
work!!! it has felt so strange because no one has called me about
problems in the zone or had to report numbers or baptisms or anything
to me. why? oh yeah! im a regular missionary!!! still getting used to
it but its good. it means i get to focus more on the people im working

Mom if you come here you wont see any blue sky, it is Dry season, but
this year i think they should call it dust season because the air
quality is horrible!!! you can look at the sun all day if you want to
because the haze is so bad! the dust is making everyone sick so we are
being extra careful not to get anything.

Life is good and i hope you are all happy and have a great week! i love you!!!

Elder James Bradley McGuire

Christmas Package!!!

Me and Elder Ukaegbu!

Our Chapel....

...and... FUFU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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