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Monday, January 19, 2015

Happy Martin Luther King Day

Dear Family,

This week was a great one here in APOWA!!! the first full week was full in every sense of the word!! Tuesday was district meeting and it went great! Our district only has 6 missionaries in it so its pretty small, but we are all close and get along well together. We had a great instruction on our purpose as missionaries and i learned a lot.

Many of our days were absolutely full of lessons and contacting. we found a lot of great new people this week and we are excited to see what the future holds for them. One particular guy named michael was really good. we went to his house trying to meet with his sister but she "pretended" to be asleep on the couch, so he invited us in and asked us to teach him instead. We had a great lesson on the restoration and he understood it all! he especially loved the Book of Mormon and how it helped him understand the Bible. we are excited to keep working with him.
We also spent a lot of our time this week working with our baptismal candidates. We had Hannah, Alex, Robert, & Enoch. they have all been meeting with the missionaries for a long time and this week was their week!! President Stevenson came to interview 3 of them and they did well. Robert however didnt make it, i guess he had misunderstood that drinking coffee was against the word of wisdom. so he has been pushed off 2 weeks. but everyone else did great!!

So saturday we planned to have our baptism at 3:30. we planned everything out and assignments were made to fill the font and get clothes and towels and other things. when we arrived there was about 4 inches of water in the font and the pipe wasnt working!!! i felt like i was back in tarkwa!!!! thankfully we had water it was just coming out of a different pipe so we had to use buckets and fetch the water and carry it to the font, but with 10 people we had the thing full after about 30 minutes. The baptism went well and it was a great experience. I love being able to take part in such a wonderful ordinance!!!

Sunday they made that final step through that gate and onto the path leading to eternal life after they were confirmed members of the church. Sunday was sweet!! we left early so we could help all of those baptized so they would be to church, it involved helping clean up food, dishes, clothes, even fetching water from a well so the kids could take a bath. but by 9 we were all sitting under our pavilion in the sacrament hall.

Missionary work truly is divine and as time goes on it just keeps going faster and faster, i was sure things would slow down with the transfer and everything but it just doubled in speed!!! i am loving my mission though and doing my best to make the most of these last few precious days!! i hope you all have a great week!!! i love you!!!


My favorite meat in Ghana! Bush rat!! Only problem is that it is where ebola comes from so i havent had it for over a year :(

Pipe where the water comes from

The Full Font!

Elder Ukaegbu, Enoch, Alex, Hannah, & me!

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