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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Short and Sweet!

So, Elder McGuire is leaving Nyenasi today, so his email is only about 3 paragraphs long! I feel totally jipped!!! But here it is anyway.

Hey Family!!!

it sounds like life is just a rollercoaster at home with everything going on. between people being sick and prestons wonderful escapades(Preston accidentally broke the oven door) you guys never have a dull moment!!!! ive had quite the week with transfers so ill try to get it all in!

On tuesday after district meeting i spent the day saying goodbye to everyone in nyenasi. it was so hard i have mad so many close friends and i am going to miss everyone! that night a bunch of members came to the church and threw a party for me because i was leaving. a lot of  people were crying and it was hitting me pretty hard...i was leaving! all of the crazy things that had happened to me and the experiences i had have made this little village my home and now im gone!

So wednesday we woke up and left with my bags. 3 of us in the zone got transferred so we met in praso and left for cape. i had to say goodbye to bannerman right there. im gonna miss that guy. he was crazy and wierd but i loved him. so i met my new companion elder ADjavon in Cape coast and we got a taxi to our area. its about 30 minutes outside of cape in a smallish town. aba krampa is way bigger than nyenasi, with paved roads, cell phone service, and water that comes out of a pipe! its worlds away from nyenasi.

Being district leader is much the same as it was when i first was called but now i feel much more qualified for it haha. on thursday i had to go to another area in the district to do a baptismal interview, so it started right out the gate! but splits was way fun i got to know a lot of the elders in the district. all of the elders in the district have been out 7 months or less so that makes me the oldest in the district which is a little weird but its fun!

So friday, saturday, and sunday was spent doing service and getting to know the people, the area and my companion. that is another hard thing about transfers. leaving a place you know so well to a place where everything is different. but im working at it and things are going good! my favorite day was sunday because i really got to meet a lot of members and get to know a lot of people. ive realized as you move from area to area its the members that make you feel at home. the members are great here and i already feel a bit more comfortable than normal. but the work continues!

today we came together as a district and played some soccer to get to know each other and we had some fun! now were emailing and heading home! sorry its so short this week we gotta get going! but next week im promising big emails and pictures!!! for reals this time!!!! i love you all and i hope you have a great week!!!

love, Elder McGuire

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