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Monday, March 10, 2014

Farming, Hornets, and Searching for Souls

Sounds like another fun week!!! Elder McGuire has the best attitude about it all!

Hi Everyone!

Im glad to hear that everyone is doing so well! the basement looks great! im not even gonna recognize our house when i get home! hahaha but im glad that everyone is happy!

I guess you could call this week our week of service. We went to farm 3 times this week and helped a lot of people in other small ways too! One of the days we went to farm we were planting corn with a member and that was pretty fun. We were planting and the member we were helping kept telling elder bannerman that he was doing it wrong even though he was fine. then he started talking about how he was amazed that a white guy knew how to plant corn! hahaha it was hilarious! elder bannerman kept getting annoyed though so i had to come up with and excuse to leave so no problems would come;) hahaha

Another day we went we were weeding a big bush and all the sudden i had hornets all around me! i had weeded into a hornets hive! i got stung like 9 times and i was running and screaming the whole way! hahaha it was actually pretty funny! i threw my cutlass and gloves and jumped around. needless to say my companion was laughing.

Thursday was Ghana's Independence day and its a big thing here. All of the schools go to the town football field and they march in this military parade type thing. it was actually pretty cool so we went and watched it for a while. also on thursday we also had a great lesson with one of our investigators. Her name is Tina and we've been working with her for a while she has been struggling lately so we did our best to help her find her desires. halfway through the lesson one of our members randomly showed up. and helped us to finish the lesson. We had no idea but the member that showed up is good friends with tina and he helped us a lot. hopefully we will be able to give tina a baptismal date soon.

Today we came down to cape coast and we took a tour of the castle! hopefully i will be able to send pictures!!!:/ Right now we are working with a lot of new investigators and we are still trying to figure out who to continue working with and who to drop. A lot of people out here at first seem so happy and so accepting
but after a couple visits you realize they are not serious at all so we are just praying for the gift of discernment so we can get into things deep with people.

everything is going great for us out here and we are having fun! transfers are coming up next week and i think im going to be leaving but i guess we will see! sorry this is short but the pictures will add a lot! i love you all family!!


P.S. Sorry we were in cape and the power went out! no pics:( i promise soon!

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