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Monday, January 13, 2014


Hey Family and Friends! We got pictures from Elder McGuire this week and I'm so excited about them! Enjoy!

Hey Family!!

I finally got to send pictures home this week!!!! its been too long! I hope you enjoy them!

SO this week was just a good work week all around! we were able to teach a ton of lessons and we have a bunch of progressing investigators. We are having 1 baptism this weekend and 2 next weekend and a few more coming up in the next weeks. the lord is really blessing us out here and we are so grateful!!

Tuesday we had a great district meeting and talked about being accountable to the lord in our work and it was good to learn about. we are all accountable for everything we do! especially as missionaries we only have a small amount of time to be serving the lord with all our time talent and effort like this so we have to be making the most of it!!

Wednesday was a nice day we had like 4 lessons fall through but thanks to heavenly father and the guidance of the spirit we were able to fill the time with unplanned lessons and acts of service. We had midweek and elder bannerman and i taught about the Sabbath day. Its something that people really struggle with out here but it ended up being a great lesson. Especially when we talked about the sacrament and the importance of it. WE are sooooo blessed by the sacrifice Jesus Christ made for us and we have the opportunity to experience the blessings of it every day and every week! so it really was a great day

Thursday we woke up and went to farm with an investigator. WE went to his cocoa farm and we cracked his cocoa. Basically you take the cocoa pod and cut it open with a machete and pull the cocoa beans out and but them in a pile. While the cocoa is fresh the beans are actually all slimy and if you grabbed them with out looking it would feel like what i imagine eyeballs would feel like in your hand hahaha. Needless to say we had some fun and got a lot of good done. the rest of that day was spent teaching and finding.

Friday was just a typical day along with Saturday, Saturday we went to another members farm and weeded. but other than that nothing out of the ordinary. At the end of those days i was just really happy. im happy with the work and where we are with everything and i just want things to keep going.

Sunday was sweet! we had 9 investigators come to church and we had a good church attendance again. We couldn't bring the blind member to church because he wasn't feeling well but after our branch presidency went and visited him.

Today has been awesome we woke up and came down to cape coast. We played ultimate Frisbee on the beach and had a lot of fun! now its emailing and searching cape coast for all the American food and candy we can find! hahaha its a gold mine down here! anyway i know its short but this is what ive got this week.

Im glad to hear everyone is doing good for the most part, that stinks that kate cut herself. hahaha i remember the days of trying to get out of class:) anyway i hope you all have an amazing week and keep working hard! i love you!

love, Elder Bradley Mcguire

Christmas Breakfast

We caught a crab!

Elder Bannerman and the Crab

Nice sunset

The Nyenasi Branch

The branch president and his wife

I made mobettahs! a member gave us some fresh pork meat and a while ago mom sent me teriyaki marinade so we enjoyed!!

Elder Bannerman and the sunset

We hate it when lessons fall through!

we were helping a member scale fish so she could fry them and she had stingray!

my favorite evening meal. toast and cocoa with pb m&ms on wonder im gaining weight again...hahaha

We went to the beach again today

Having too much fun! hahaha

So this was my toe about a month ago, sorry its gross....

Another nice sunset

Elder Keetch and I at the mission Christmas party

Our Christmas set up


This is raw percaset (idk how to spell it) people put it in everything here haha

Me in Accra at the temple

The temple again

Christmas at the Orphanage

Christmas food!!!

More presents... Thank you SO MUCH!!!!!

my poster

My crazy companion

Wrapping Paper fire!

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