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Friday, January 31, 2014

Two Emails

Hey Family and Friends! It has definitely been a crazy couple of weeks, and I'm so sorry that I haven't posted Bradley's emails in a while. So, here's this weeks letter, followed by the letter from the week before!

Dear Family
Hey guys! it sounds like everyone is doing well and having fun! hopefully this next month will slow down a little bit so that you guys can relax but with the long weekend last week im sure that was a good break. The week for us was as always great!

Tuesday elder Bannerman and i went to cape coast. Elder Bannermans Fillings fell out so we went and paid a visit to the dentist. everything was good and we were in and out in an hour. That afternoon
our district leader came to our area and interviewed our 2 baptismal candidates for this week. the rest of the day was just good old missionary work 

 Wednesday we went back down to cape coast for a combined zone conference and it was sweet! president Shulz instructed us on a talk by elder Callister about being a Consecrated missionary. IT was great and i learned some things that i need to be working on. Elder Callister talked about when we change it is important that we change our nature rather than our behavior so that it can have a lasting influence on our lives. 

Thursday most of our appointments fell through and elder bannerman and i ended up talking to just about everyone in Nyenasi. IT was actually a lot of fun and we were able to find some good people that we will work with in the next little while.

Friday we spent the day teaching and preparing our Baptismal candidates for the baptism on satruday. Their Names are Opoku and Rosemary.

Saturday was an awesome day. WE had a great study session in the morning and were able to teach 2 investigators some great lessons. then at 2 we went with opoku and rosemary and a few members to praso for the baptism. We were combined with 2 other branches so in total there were 5 baptisms on satruday. I was lucky enough to baptize Opoku and then Rosemary's husband that is a recent convert was able to baptize her. It was a great experience and the lord has really blessed
us to be able to take part in such a great thing. 

Sunday was Part 2 Rosemary and Opoku were confirmed members of the church and recieved the gift of the holy ghost. On top of it all we also got to partake of the sacrament and it was wonderful. the rest of the day we were able to meet with all of our recent converts and baptismal candidates for the coming weeks and had great lessons with all of them.

We were really blessed this week with the spirit. OFten times my companion and i found ourselves with things falling through and then an idea would come to turn this way or walk that way and as a result we found many new people and others that we have been looking for. the spirit truly is the key in this work.

On top of everything elder bannerman and i have been having a lot of fun and it has made time pass by so fast. ITs transfers next week and elder bannerman also finishes his training next week so we will see what happens in the next week. Idk if ill be going or staying but ill do whatever the lord wants. 

 Anyway i gotta goo sorry its short but my time is low this week. have a great week! i love you all!

love, Bradley

Dear Family,

its so nice to hear how you all are doing! i hope you guys aren't freezing to death. from what ive heard in the ghanaian news there have been some crazy snow storms that side of the world, hahaha. I totally forgot about the holiday. i bet you guys are enjoying the break.

This week was another great one for us! On monday after we emailed we went and shopped around cape coast and i found pop tarts and Gatorade! i was soooo happy!!

Tuesday was a good but frustrating day. We woke up and went to praso for nice district meeting and we had a report from our Zone leaders and some instruction from them and it was good. After District meeting we came back to nyenasi and went to work. Things were going well and i was looking to an appointment that night with a new investigator that we have. We got to his place and as we sat down and were talking small small he just handed me his new book of mormon and restoration pamphlet back and said "i wont read" we asked why?! and he told us that after our last lesson he was sitting and reading it and one of his old pastors came to visit him. As his pastor saw him reading he took it and told him that it was a terrible book and all this other stuff. So we spent the next Hour trying to change our investigators mind but he wouldnt have it! we would read quotations and as he read he would say "wow, thats really true" but in the end he still wouldnt take it back. Needless to say we were frustrated and kinda ticked at this guys pastor. But in the end it was his decision to discontinue with us. It just hurts when people see what you are saying is true and you can see it in their eyes, yet still they refuse..... but moving on to better things.

Wednesday was nice, we did splits and our district leader came to nyenasi to interview Edward for his baptism this saturday. Everything went great and he passed with out problem. 

Thursday we went to Farm cocoa with a potential investigator. It was so much fun! First we have what is similar to a giant easter egg hunt. We walk through the cocoa trees gathering the yellow cocoa pods and putting them in buckets. After we gather them all into a pile we take them and crack them open and pull out the wet, slimy, fleshy, cocoa beans. The coolest thing is when they are in this state they are more
or less like pomegranite seeds, but way bigger. The flesh around the beans is sweet and sugary and you can eat it like candy! its sooo good! so we "worked" hard and cracked a lot of cocoa. haha it reminded me of gathering raspberries at grandma simpsons except we would always eat more than we picked. So after farm we taught lessons for the rest of the day.

Friday Was pretty normal except we got a call halfway through the day saying that the baptismal service was moved from 4 to 2 in the afternoon because of meetings. So we spent the rest of the day
informing people and shifting our plans around. We went and told Edward and he was worried because he had planned to go clear some land on his farm so he could plant corn. He didnt think the bapt would be till 4 so he was gonna get a lot done. So elder bannerman and i toldhim we would come and help in the morning.
Saturday we woke up early and went to farm with edward. Okay so ill try and paint a lil picture. So imagine the old bushes in front of the house and multiply them by 1000 and put them in a field. That is what we cleared and all we had were machetes. We worked for about 3 hours and we cleared about 1/2 and acre of land. We were so tired but edward was happy that we got so much done. then we came home and showered and then went to praso for the baptism. WE were combined with the elders in praso, they were having 3 baptisms along with ours and it was a great service. Elder Bannerman was the Baptist and really enjoyed the experience. After the Baptism Edward said "i feel so lite, like im floating.." pretty cool!!!! after the baptism we came home and proselyted for the rest of the day. That night we had a lesson with a man named Opoku who will be baptized this coming saturday. We had given him the assignment to read 1nephi 1, he had read the Book of Mormon many other places, but not the start. So we went to follow up with him. when we sat down he narrated what he read that made up the first 10 chapters of the book of mormon! we were soo happy and he is really ready to be baptized.
Sunday was a good day full of visits and talking with people. Edward was confirmed a member and he is going to be a valuable asset to the branch out here. He is a teacher and is extremely educated and is ready to work!
So this week was amazing! I got my package with my drivers license this week too! thankyou so much for everything in it! its been so nice to have some variety in the food i eat haha. Ill see president shulz on wednesday so he will be happy to hear that its here.
Mom that is so awesome that you get to teach gospel doctrine this coming week!!! you are going to do great and its on the fall! there is so much to be learned about it! One funny thing here is that a lot of people think that if it werent for adam and eve we would be enjoying life in the garden of eden. They miss the understanding that if they hadn't fallen we wouldnt be here! and even if they could have had children in the garden it would have made the purpose of choosing christ as our savior before this earth was created pointless!! you are gonna do awesome!
Anyway family i hope you guys enjoy the long weekend and have a great week!!! i love you!!!!
love, Bradley

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