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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

A Week of Ups and Downs

Sounds like a week in the mission field. Hard, but incredible!

Dear family!

This week was really good. Frustrating at some parts and amazing at others. But i guess the only way we can have amazing experiences is to have some bummers too. Sit it is all sweet in the work. Wednesday this week we had one of our Zone leaders come with Elder Bannerman and I in a three sum and it was a lot of fun. He is from New Zealand and is a sweet guy. He helped us with a few ideas to be more effective in working with our members. He also interviewed Elijah (edwards son) for baptism and that went great.

Thursday was super hot and humid. it has been all week but thursday especially. it made lessons hard cuz you would sit down and get too warm and it make us a little bit out of it and it made it really hard to teach. Despite the heat we had some great lessons. That night we had an activity for all priesthood holders in the branch. We taught them all about the sacrament, its importance, and how to perform our duties in the course of administering it. IT went really well, the Schiffmans came and helped out with teaching and it was great. The reason we did it is because we have a lot of priesthood holders who were never taught what to do. On top of it all Sis. Schiffman made us Banana Bread muffins!!!! they were soo good! SO it was sweet literally
and spiritually:)

I guess the lord was giving us such a nice day because he knew the next day was gonna be like haha. Everything fell through even a lot of our preparations for the baptism this week were becoming shaky, we even went so far as to call the DL and cancel but he advised us to try despite difficulties. Saturday was much the same as friday. The Baptism actually didnt happen because people werent ready in time and things just didnt feel right so we pushed it to next week. So with this and other things that happened i was prompted to have thoughts that the world was against us, that no body cared about our work, and that it was pointless. then i realized those are all lies coming from the father of all lies. The truth is we have an incredible Heavenly
Father who wants what is best for us and will take time to teach us important learning!! hahah the day ended great though, we had a young mens activity and played games. 20 minutes into it the power went out!! but we had our flash lights and still had some fun.

Sunday was leaps and bounds better and made up for the hard the previous 2 days. We had great church attendance between members and investigators. lessons were great and we just had a great Sabbath day.

Monday the power was out all day long so we couldnt come email, we washed and played some games and relaxed and made up for lost sleep. but was nice.

Everything is amazing as usual! surprise surprise right? hahaha the lord is really looking out for us here and we are working our hardest to help the work move foreward! Anyay i hope you guys all have a great
week! i love you!

love, Bradley

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