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Monday, December 16, 2013


Hey FAMILY and FRIENDS!! Here's another update from Elder McGuire. Can't wait to talk to him in NINE DAYSS!!!! SO close!!!! And, no pictures this week... So sad....

Hey Family,

it seems just like yesterday i was getting ready to call you guys for mothers day and now its time to call again! im so excited to talk to all of you and i cant wait!. it sounds like you guys as usual had a great week. the fact that it is cold there is still a foreign concept to me hahaha. but i guess it wont be so foreign in 2 years haha. We had a sweet week here and life is good.

So tuesday to thursday were pretty typical days and they were full of good mission work. Thursday night we went and stayed over in praso. Friday morning we all woke up early and we went down to cape coast for the mission christmas conference. it was sooo much fun! we started by hearing a few really good talks by elders about christ and the true meaning of christmas. After the talks we got to watch FOREVER STRONG! hahaha i love president and sister shulz! even though ive seen it like a million times it was still sweet to watch again. We watched it because the mission motto is forever strong so they talk a bout it a lot. After the movie we had a really good christmas dinner of Rice and chicken (hahaha yeah im in ghana remember?) but it was nice and we were all stuffed! After we ate dinner we had the talent show and it was awesome. all of the zones had a talent so i played my guitar and everyone sang along our own version of angels we have heard on high. it was sweet and everyone loved it.  After the talent show we all piled into a tro and headed home. when we got back to praso the zls had a box with them and they didnt know what was in it. we opened it up and ALL of my PACKAGES were in it with some letters too!! so i got 3 packages and 3 letters on friday too!!!!! so yeah friday was incredible!!!!! thankyou so much for everything!!!! i put all of my presents under our "tree"(a previous elder had a tree made  out of fabric so we got it and hung it up in our apartment) so it feels like christmas!!!!! thankyou so much!!!!!

Saturday was another good day and we taught some good lessons. I also pounded a lot of fufu and got some nice blisters on my hands. its alright though my hands are getting their callouses back finally. There was also a big funeral this weekend so a lot of people were out and about and it made it easier for us to contact and to find people.

Sunday was also pretty typical and nothing out of the ordinary happened. We went and picked up Brother Baidoo again(the blind man) and i love just walking with him in the morning to church.

So yeah the work is going on like normal this week. Our branch is struggling and the area has its challenges but we are working hard to help it and we are staying positive about it all!

I didnt get to watch the christmas devotional but i have been able to listen to half of it. i was able to hear president Monsons talk and also the primary presidents talk...It was a red jumper!.....hahaha i love them. I loved in president monsons talk how he mentioned that if we drop the last syllable in the spirit of Christmas it becomes he spirit of Christ. Having the spirit of Christ at this time of the year is soo important! he also talked about the importance of giving gifts not just getting gifts. Never once do you read in the scriptures about how christ recieved a large gift from someone.Its all about how christ gave and served others and we should all be working our hardest to do the same.

So what are the plans for christmas????? are you gonna go to bear lake again?? i know im gone but we need the tradition to continue so in 2 years we can still be doing it!:D

Anyway thats me for the week! i hope you guys have an awesome week and have some fun! oh yeah what time do you want me to call on christmas?? im 7 hours ahead of you guys so  whatever works!

Love you!!!

love, Bradley

Oh yeah!!! hahaha i forgot to tell you guys! so I got an ingrown toe nail about 2 months ago, i cut it out and it was fine. but i was walking around the compound of our apartment and i tripped and kicked a brick with it. i kinda mashed my toe and things started growing back wrong and it got infected. so im going to accra this week to see the mission doctor at the area office and he is gonna fix me up! some elders are going home this week too and before elders go home they are all allowed to go to the temple right before they leave, so i get to go with them and i am soooooo  excited!!! i miss the temple so much and i cant wait to see and be there again! and here are some pictures for the last lil bit okay sorry its not time! i love you all

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